Teamsters represent workers in the construction industry and typically work in various roles related to transportation, logistics, and materials handling. They work as truck drivers, heavy equipment and forklift operators, often transporting construction materials, equipment, and supplies on worksites.

About The Trade

Teamsters perform various tasks to ensure construction projects have the necessary materials on site
for various crafts. The skills required can vary depending on the position, but here are some common
skills and qualifications:

• Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): If you are operating trucks or heavy equipment, you will
likely need a CDL with the appropriate endorsements, such as air brakes or hazardous
materials, depending on specific duties.
Safe Driving Skills: Safety is a top priority in construction. Teamsters operating vehicles or
heavy equipment must have excellent driving skills and adhere to all safety regulations and
Heavy Equipment Operation: If your role involves operating heavy machinery like forklifts,
you’ll need specialized training and certification for each type of equipment.
Materials Handling: Efficiently and safely moving construction materials, including loading
and unloading, is a crucial skill for Teamsters working in construction.
Equipment Maintenance: Basic knowledge of equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
can be helpful in keeping vehicles and machinery in good working condition.
Construction Site Safety: Understanding construction site safety procedures and protocols
is vital to protect yourself and others on the job.
Physical Stamina: Construction work often involves physically demanding tasks, so you
should be in good physical shape and able to lift heavy objects when necessary.