Bricklayer placing and adjusting bricks with mortar. Professional construction worker building exterior walls


Bricklayers & Allied Craft members are skilled craftworkers in a variety of the trowel trades – Brick, Tile, Stone, Marble, Terrazzo, Cement, Plaster, and mosaic workers, and pointers/cleaners/caulkers.

About The Trade

Bricklayers working in a unionized industry need a combination of technical skills, safety knowledge, and interpersonal abilities to excel in their trade. Here are some essential skills and qualifications for bricklayers in a unionized setting:

  • Review Plans and Blueprints: At the beginning of the day, bricklayers may review construction plans and blueprints to understand the project’s design and specifications. This helps them plan their work and ensure accuracy in their bricklaying.
  • Site Preparation: Bricklayers may be responsible for preparing the work area. This can include clearing debris, setting up scaffolding, and ensuring that the foundation or base is properly prepared.
  • Mixing Mortar: Bricklayers often mix mortar, which is a critical component of masonry work. They need to ensure that the mortar is mixed to the right consistency for the project.
  • Laying Bricks or Blocks: The primary duty of a bricklayer is to lay bricks, blocks, or stones according to the design specifications. They use tools such as trowels and levels to ensure that each brick is placed accurately and that the masonry work is level and plumb.
  • Cutting and Shaping: Bricklayers may need to cut bricks or blocks to fit the design. This can involve using saws or other cutting tools to create custom shapes.
  • Applying Mortar: After placing a brick, bricklayers apply mortar to join it with the adjacent bricks. They must apply mortar evenly and consistently to create strong and stable masonry structures.
  • Checking for Alignment: Throughout the day, bricklayers continuously check the alignment and quality of their work to ensure that it meets industry standards and design specifications.
  • Safety Measures: Bricklayers are responsible for following safety protocols and using personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries on the construction site.